Fortune Cookie Style Easter Eggs

My kitchen counter is an egg sorting station based upon the destiny of each; some eggs will be hatched, eaten by my family, gifted and blown for various purposes including display or crafting and selling to fellow crafters, magazines and egg aficionados.  During the egg-blowing process some eggs don’t make the cut to be sold due to an imperfection, but, being an egg hoarder, I can’t bear to throw out a beautiful egg shell, which has left me with a stash of eggs ideally suited for certain craft projectsEaster Egg decorating and egg dyeing.
Fortune Cookie Style Easter Eggs
Polka dot Easter Eggs
Polka Dot Easter Eggs
My daughters appreciate a good knock-knock joke, so I decided to fill some blown eggs with laughter this Easter instead of the usual candy, toys or money. The eggs will be cracked open to reveal the funny within.
Clean, empty eggs (plastic or blown eggs)
tissue paper
small paintbrush
paper fortunes, jokes, riddles, etc. (see below)
Depending on the size of the hole in the eggshell, roll or fold fortunes and insert into empty egg. Apply a small amount of decoupage or glue to the ends of blown egg with paintbrush & seal hole with a small piece of tissue paper.
This is much more decoupage than is required. A thin smear around the hole will suffice.

A small piece of tissue paper on top of the egg seals and masks the hole.
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®


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Love it

Sandra Bennett
Sandra Bennett

That's such a clever way to use eggs for Easter; love it! Someone else used bits of silk and doilies…beautiful eggs!

Laurie Madosik Schrock

My first eggs should be hatching Tuesday – we just went into lockdown! Soooo need an egg basket for all those eggs I'm planning on.

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