The Chicken Chick’s Sweet Coop® Zeolite

The Chicken Chick’s Sweet Coop™ – All Natural Zeolite for Chicken Coops – Because a wet coop stinks! Sweet Coop™ naturally controls moisture and harmful ammonia gas odor in the coop for a sweeter, healthier home for your chickens!

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What it is and how it works

Sweet Coop™ is a naturally-occurring mineral known as zeolite that is created from volcanic activity. Zeolite absorbs moisture like a sponge while neutralizing odor by arresting harmful ammonia gas molecules like a magnet.


Sweet Coop™ can be used with all litter types, including pine shavings, sand, and Standlee Flock Fresh®.

Recommended for

Works great for chickens, ducks, rabbits, and cats!

Suggested Use

In a clean, empty coop, sprinkle a layer of Sweet Coop™ on the floor followed by your litter of choice. Sprinkle additional Sweet Coop™ on top of litter as needed. On cleaned droppings boards sprinkle a layer of Sweet Coop™ to absorb any residual moisture and bind harmful ammonia gas molecules. For boxed in droppings boards, fill with several inches of Sweet Coop™ and scoop out droppings daily. Replenish as needed.

Features & Benefits

The Chicken Chick's Sweet Coop® Zeolite

‣Absorbs moisture naturally
‣Neutralizes odor by reducing harmful ammonia gas


Clinoptilolite (Zeolite) Granules


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