Polka Dot Easter Eggs Tutorial

Polka Dot Easter Eggs | The Chicken Chick

Each year I like to try a new way of decorating Easter eggs and when  I became a chicken keeper, the volume really got turned up on the craft-o-meter. My hens’ eggs need no adornments to be spectacular, but the crafter in me insists upon embellishing them on occasion. With Easter right around the corner, I couldn’t resist adding a little bling to my home-grown eggs this year.

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Last Easter, I made these marbleized, “Salad Dressing Easter Eggs,” using blown eggs and common salad dressing ingredients. My  tutorial can be found here and while I thought those were simple and fun last year, this year’s technique was even easier!

This year’s Easter eggs were made using contributions from my hens, some glitter and adhesive dots. I used blown eggs, which I prefer over hard cooked eggs because I can then enjoy them for years to come. This was a great project to do with my daughters because there aren’t many steps and there’s glitter involved. What more could you ask from a craft project?



Eggs (hard-cooked or blown. Find my egg blowing tutorial here.)
Glitter Clear adhesive dots (I used Zots from Michael’s Crafts)
paper plates
dry paint brush


Apply one dot at a time to the egg.

 Pour glitter onto plate. Press adhesive dots firmly into the glitter.

Brush off excess glitter.

That’s it! Simple and fun!

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