The legal drama over my chickens continued to heat up this week as irate supporters of mine inundated town hall with email and phone calls. Last week the story broke in the newspaper and television media picked up on it this week. One news station was so anxious to scoop the story that they knocked on my door unannounced!

My inbox and phone have been ringing for interview requests, allowing me little time to focus on much else, but I’m hoping the end is near so I can get back to writing about more glamorous chicken-related topics like poop and bumblefoot!

If you would like to WRITE/CALL the players in this legal drama to let them know your thoughts, please do!  They are as follows: The zoning enforcement officer is:

Jim Taylor,
860-668-3848 First selectman,

Ed McAnaney,

The complaining neighbors are Karl and Sarah Stursberg, 493 South Stone Street, West Suffield, CT 06093

I took a little artistic license with this road sign.  
Blaze, my Black Copper Marans rooster
When in doubt, get more chickens
Fuchsia flower, tiny ballerinas

They see me rollin, they hatin'
The reason men oppose progress is not that they hate progress, but that they love inertia.
Guess what day it is?
waking up early doesn't make me a morning person, it makes me a COFFEE person
Don't bother me until after I've had my fact, don't bother me afterwards either.
Just sitting here on the corner of Awesome & Bombdiggity
I don't care if ALL the other chicks have them, you are too young for an iPhone.
I don't start working until the coffee does.
I have begun drinking coffee on Sunday nights in anticipation of Monday mornings.
They said I could be anything, so I became a flamingo.
It's 5am and you're trying to sleep? Allow me to sing you the song of my people!
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Rachel Divider