DIY Ribbon Organizer Tote

This ribbon organizer tote is easy to make, inexpensive and stackable. I contemplated other storage methods that involved affixing the ribbon spools to a stationary rack, (wall-mounted, etc.) but opted for the flexibility of being able to store and use the ribbon in a variety of locations with this system. 

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A sturdy plastic container with lid 
5/16” Wooden dowels 
A 5/16” drill bit and drill 
Permanent marker
Hot glue gun
¾ inch, wooden, screw-hole plugs (alternatively, Tinker toys may fit these
dowels. I think they would be adorable on both ends, but would be glued on the finished end only.)


Measure and mark the spacing of dowel holes on the container with a permanent marker. On each side of the box, the first holes should be approximately 2.5” from the short end of the box, approximately 2.5-3” down into the depth of the box, and a minimum of 5 inches away from each other going down the length of the box. (Use  ribbon spools to gauge placement, making sure that they match up on the opposite side. Mark as many holes as will fit spools and dowels. I used three dowels.)

Using 5/16” bit, drill the holes in the container according to the marks.

For dowel length, measure container’s width and add 2 inches to measurement. (The dowels will extend about an inch or so beyond the outside of the container.)

Cut all dowels to measured length. (Dowels are small enough to use a serrated knife to score around the dowel and then snap off the excess.)

Using 5/16” bit, drill holes in the wooden screw-hole plugs half way through. Put some glue inside the hole and insert a dowel, which should fit tightly.  

When glue is dry, push a dowel through one hole in the box & load it up with ribbon. When full, push the dowel through the second,
corresponding hole.

I thought I might need something to secure the unfinished end of
the dowel in place, but the dowels fit so tightly that they stay in place without help. I secure the ribbon ends to the rest of the spool with
either a small tab of tape or a sewing pin.

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Karen King

This is such a smart and cute idea! I love the portability too of using a storage box. Thanks for sharing your great project at Wake Up Wednesday!

Kim Daniels Lewis
Kim Daniels Lewis

I love this idea! I need to make one for myself. Pinned. Thanks for being a part of our party. We love having you! Please stop by tonight at 7 pm and party with us!

Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

Kat Jeter
Kat Jeter

Love this idea!! Anything to try to tame my mass of ribbon that seems to be taking over the craft room! 🙂


This is such a fabulous idea!! I love your blog!

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