Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Tutorial

Decorating the chicken coop for Halloween was on the agenda this weekend and I rocked it Wizard of Oz style! This project was fun, easy, inexpensive and the result- adorable! It killed me to deface a beautiful pair of Franco Sarto leather heels, but they were the only ones in the thrift store that worked.

If autumn decorating is on your agenda, you can totally rock it Wizard of Oz style with this Ruby Slippers tutorial! This autumn project was fun, easy, 


low-heeled shoes (I found some at a thrift store)
ruby red spray paint
clear acrylic gloss spray
ruby red glitter
painter’s tape
steel wool (optional)
2, 1/3″ wooden dowels
black & white striped tights
bubble wrap


Scuff up leather with steel wool. Stuff shoes with newspaper, tape off inside of shoe with painters’ tape. 

Spray shoe with red paint and immediately sprinkle with glitter. Allow to dry.

Seal with acrylic spray. Dry completely.

Drill 1/2″ holes in the back of the shoes & insert dowel in shoe. 

Tap dowels into ground with hammer.

Fill bottom portion of tights with bubble wrap, tie off tights at waist & insert tights into shoes. Tuck waist-end of tights underneath house, chicken coop, chair, wherever.

“Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” (she’s not talkin’, ellen)
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Rachael Rose
7 years ago

Too late for the giveaway but love this decoration idea!!!

Linda Noble
Linda Noble
7 years ago

Always ready to say something to put a little hope into my day 🙂

7 years ago

Cool! I'd love to see how they came out, Pat!

April Watts
April Watts
7 years ago

Sarah's Chick tin art is remarkable. I would love to have one in my kitchen!! Thank you for all you do!

Kim Daniels Lewis
Kim Daniels Lewis
7 years ago

Hello cute lady! This looks so cool. Pinned. We couldn't think of anyone better to party with. We hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm.

Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

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