Kitchen Cleaning Hack_ DIY Disinfecting Wipes!

If you love Clorox Cleaning Wipes and Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, but don’t love the price, you’re in luck! This kitchen hack is an effective cleaning substitute for commercial disinfecting wipes that costs PENNIES to make with common household items!

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Container with lid at least 6″ tall & 6″ wide (any shape will do)
A serrated bread knife (Ginsu is my go-to!)
1/4 cup Isopropyl Alcohol (I use 91%)
1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap (brand matters in this case)
1 cup water High quality paper towels (don’t go with a bargain brand for this purpose)
Optional: Con-tact chalkboard liner to label container


Cut paper towel roll in half with serrated knife.

Stuff half of cut roll in dedicated container. Don’t worry if it seems like it doesn’t fit- it will!

Mix water, alcohol and dishsoap together in a measuring cup & stir gently.

Pour mixture over paper towels in container. 

Wait a few minutes for the cardboard roll to become pliable then remove it.

Removing the cardboard roll will bring the first few paper towels from the center of the roll up.

Press paper towels down into container if necessary & cover with lid. 

Label container. I used Contact-paper chalkboard shelf liner to label the container, but a permanent marker will do the trick too.

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