I never could have predicted that chickens would play such a significant role in my life or that photographing them would be so much fun. I was surprised and immensely flattered when real photographers began complimenting my work and magazine editors began asking to buy the rights to publish some of them. What I know about photography could fit on the head of a pin, but I do have a feel for composition and probably more importantly, I’m passionate about my subjects, so I suppose it balances out the technical ineptitude just a little bit.

While I take countless photos every week, only a few make it onto my Facebook page, so I am  launching my first, weekly Flock Focus Friday. I hope you enjoy meeting some of the less well known characters in my backyard and re-visiting some memories from years past.

We had record-breaking rainfall amounts this week. The chickens didn’t complain though.
Doc Brown (White Crested Black Polish)
Aurora (a White Leghorn) reminds me of a seal at the zoo, sunning on the rocks. :) 
The ever-chivalrous Blaze stands guard while the ladies enjoy some tasty treat.
Brutus (a Mille Fleur Serama) thinks he is MUCH bigger than he is. Love this little fella!

This girl doesn’t have a name yet. She is the only girl to have hatched from a cross between Blaze (a Black Copper Marans and Gilda, a Wheaten Marans). I think her coloring is really special.

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