This past week featured typical New England weather: high heat, pouring rain, sunshine, fog and/or autumn temperatures on any given day. I’ve been preparing to bring the backyard chicken-keeping fight to my local Zoning Commission and will have a table at the town’s annual “Suffield on the Green” event. I hope to meet a few of my peeps there this weekend!

The public hearing is slated for September 16th and I encourage anyone in the tri-state area or beyond to join me at the meeting to be seen and/or heard in support of backyard chickens everywhere!

The flower farm up the road from me had some spectacular specimens in full bloom and I was like a kid in the candy store with my camera yesterday! 12 stems of pure beauty for a mere ten bucks.

Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster) is quite the proud papa with several hatches of his progeny occupying the backyard in recent weeks.
Freida (White Silkie) is the surrogate mom to these two Olive Egger chicks of Blaze’s.
BroomHilda (Black Copper Marans hen) is probably close to cutting the apron strings of her babies. They both appear to be roosters by the size and color of their combs.
Blaze, his son, Sparky, and Eunice are all Black Copper Marans. We know Sparky is Blaze’s son, but his mom could be any one of the Black Copper Marans hens.

Lola (Columbian Wyandotte) is experiencing her first molt. She’s dropping her feathers like a box of hot rocks, which is typical of a good layer.

Rachel (Bantam Cochin Frizzle) not looking her best between the rain, humidity and molt, her feathers don’t get much more pathetic looking than this.

ellen deHeneres (cross between a Wheaten Marans and Black Copper Marans) another Blaze baby. 
This gladiola was host to a visitor briefly.
Thanks for visiting today and have a great weekend!
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