Flock Focus Friday, 8/7/15

Flock Focus Friday, 8/7/15

You can preview The Chicken Chick episode #6 HERE!

All kinds of exciting stuff going on this summer! I was featured in an episode of the new reality show, Coop Dreams, which received rave reviews from viewers and sponsors! I was skeptical about the whole “reality show” genre, but can tell you that there was no scripting, nothing set-up, no funny editing. What you see is what went on in Brad’s backyard. We had a blast filming what amounts to the same thing I do every day: chat with folks about keeping chickens!

While on vacation in North Carolina this summer, Mr. Chicken Chick and I had the pleasure of meeting some of my peeps at a local bar for Happy Hour! SO FUN! (yes, I’ll remember to put sunscreen on next time)

This was what my Mille fleur d’Uccle chick looked like on June 26- the next photo is what she looks like today! Unbelievable growth rate, isn’t it?

The Polish teenagers are getting big too, but it’s much more difficult to figure out their genders than the d’Uccles’.

You’re witnessing the sum total rainfall we’ve seen here lately and I had to go chase teenagers into the coop so they didn’t get blown away by the high winds!  

July showers bring August flowers?

The fight to legalize backyard chicken keeping in my town continues. To say that the Zoning Commission has come a LONG way in their thinking about chickens would be the understatement of the century! There was a second public hearing held on the town’s proposed backyard keeping chicken regulation before the Zoning Commission in July and while the crowd was much smaller than the first hearing in June, they were no less vocal in support of chicken keeping.

The overwhelming sentiment at both hearings was that the Commission should pass the least restrictive regulation necessary to protect the interests of residents on all sides of the issue. I continued to press the Commission not to regulate issues that have never been a problem in town and instead, to rely on laws and regulations that are already in place to enforce issues such as unreasonable noise, health or public safety concerns and roaming animal concerns. Much to my shock: the commission GUTTED the First Selectman’s proposed regulation, paring it down to the bare bones necessary to allow chicken keeping on properties of any size, in any number! The Zoning Commission’s revised proposal will be heard again on 8/17/15 and hopefully, voted on. The only outstanding issue for the Commission to hammer out is how many acres they will require for the keeping of roosters! #winning Stay tuned for the

This is the Zoning Commission’s draft chicken keeping regulation, which will be voted on next month. This version far exceeds any expectation I ever had of the type of regulation that might come from this Commission, but…it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Stay tuned!

Petey,(Araucana) me & Rachel (bantam frizzled Cochin).

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