Flock Focus Friday, 8/2/13

Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster)
Partridge Plymouth Rock pullet
Brutus (Mille Fleur Serama cockerel) with Vera, Red Sex Link pullet, behind
ellen deHeneres (Marans pullet: Black Copper x Wheaten)
Nina (Black Copper Marans pullet) with Brutus (Mille Fleur Serama)
Buff Orpington hen

The Abbey  road trio: Calista Flockheart, (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle pullet) Portia, (Serama pullet) ellen deHeneres (Marans pullet Black Copper Marans x Wheaten)

Blaze continues his treatment for his wattle infection twice daily antibiotics and wound care.

Freida (4 year old Silkie hen)
Blaze (Black Copper Marans)
Marilyn Monroe (White Orpington hen)
Rachel Divider

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Micky Brown
Micky Brown
9 years ago

always wanted backyard chooks, now i have (small scale 5 layers n 2 young un`s) not just for eggs but for different characters and colour.
And now ave got the "bug" would love to try hatch and raise maybe rarer breeds or even a few lemon sablepoot bantams..

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