Quoting Mark Twain, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” Temperatures this week ranged from triple digit highs to lows in the 50s, nutty even by New England standards.

My flock ordinarily free-ranges, but with temperatures in triple digits, I kept them confined to the run for because it’s cooler than walking around in the sun. The run has everything they need: The Chicken Fountain serving up cold, fresh water, the mister providing 15-20°F lower temps, Grandpa’s Feeder for convenient access to food and plenty of cool, sand for dust-bathing.

The flock enjoyed a new frozen treat, Scrambled EggPops, which didn’t stick around long!

Blaze’s recovery continues as twice daily I pack his wattle and earlobe with antibiotic-soaked gauze. Barbie was supervising this particular day. ☺

Blaze is responding beautifully to the treatments, gaining weight and is happy to be back in the flock.
Penny (Olive Egger) always looks surprised.

Brutus & Portia (Seramas) have discovered one another, Portia having hatched a few months later than Brutus.

Black Copper Marans masterpiece.

Brutus standing sentry at the mulch bed the hens have claimed as a dust bathing location.

Partridge Plymouth Rock.
Calista Flockheart (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle pullet)
Doc Brown (White Crested Black Polish hen). I interrupted her snacking on my lemon balm.
An Olympic hopeful in the next winter speed-skating races. (Olive Egger hen)
I only found this spider web cool because it was unoccupied.
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®
Rachel Divider