Flock Focus Friday, 5/9/14

Spring chickens!

This week’s Flock Focus Friday is heavy on fluffy cuteness as we hatched the eggs from P. Allen Smith’s flock and welcomed the chicks into ours!

Spring brings ushers in change and new flock members as we say goodbye to Spartacus.
Spartacus was a Serama x Red Sex Link rooster.

The circle of life played out in the backyard this week and while we welcomed new flock members, we said goodbye to Spartacus who crossed the rainbow bridge. RIP pretty boy.

Rainbow after a spring shower
This amazing rainbow appeared across the street from our house this week after a quick rain storm passed through.
chick hatching in Brinsea Mini Advance incubator
egg collection
The littlest Chicken Chick helps collect eggs as Kate, the ever opportunistic Speckled Sussex, loiters nearby in case of a dropped egg.

Welcome little ones!

Chick hatching
Moving to the brooder from the incubator
Spring chicken.
Spring chickens
Spring chickens
Spring chickens!
Spring chickens.
Spring Chickens
Spring Chickens.
The Royal Couple
Blaze & Rachel.
Speckled Sussex
Tolbunt Polish frizzles

Friday morning happy hour- Get your cup of Joe ON!
Cinco de Mayo donkeys.
Check, please!
Monday again?
Remember to stop and smell the flowers
Kentucky Derby donkeys.
Y'all from the city?
Is it five o'clock yet?
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Rachel Divider

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Doris McKinstry
Doris McKinstry
7 years ago

Now this is the way to water your chickens! Fresh water always on demand!

7 years ago

already subscribed, could use all these things, need everything

Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith
7 years ago

well I went into the barn last night and picked this chick up and was talking to him/her and I thought to myself I have not seen this chick drink water all day.. so I said to the chick lets see if we can get you to drink.. at last I found the problem.. had the water feeder up on a thin phone book..thinking if it was lower they would get into the water drown or poop in it..Kinda feel dumb now.. that was the problem the chick could not reach it.. so took the phone book out of there… Read more »

Andrea Kibler
Andrea Kibler
7 years ago

OK. I know they are pretty dark inside at this time, so do I look for movement? And when is it ok to let her and the little ones roam together? Thanks so much?

7 years ago

It doesn't sound good for him. Some chicks have a rough hatch, bad genetics and/or a rough trip in the mail. The only thing you can do is try to help hydrate it. The rest is up to him. 🙁