Flock Focus Friday, 5/9/14

Spring chickens!

This week’s Flock Focus Friday is heavy on fluffy cuteness as we hatched the eggs from P. Allen Smith’s flock and welcomed the chicks into ours!

Spring brings ushers in change and new flock members as we say goodbye to Spartacus.
Spartacus was a Serama x Red Sex Link rooster.

The circle of life played out in the backyard this week and while we welcomed new flock members, we said goodbye to Spartacus who crossed the rainbow bridge. RIP pretty boy.

Rainbow after a spring shower
This amazing rainbow appeared across the street from our house this week after a quick rain storm passed through.
chick hatching in Brinsea Mini Advance incubator
egg collection
The littlest Chicken Chick helps collect eggs as Kate, the ever opportunistic Speckled Sussex, loiters nearby in case of a dropped egg.

Welcome little ones!

Chick hatching
Moving to the brooder from the incubator
Spring chicken.
Spring chickens
Spring chickens
Spring chickens!
Spring chickens.
Spring Chickens
Spring Chickens.
The Royal Couple
Blaze & Rachel.
Speckled Sussex
Tolbunt Polish frizzles

Friday morning happy hour- Get your cup of Joe ON!
Cinco de Mayo donkeys.
Check, please!
Monday again?
Remember to stop and smell the flowers
Kentucky Derby donkeys.
Y'all from the city?
Is it five o'clock yet?
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Rachel Divider

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7 years ago

I'd candle any eggs before making a decision.

The Phantom
The Phantom
7 years ago

Amazing ideas and this product is perfect for this great state of Utah weather! Great invention! Gonna buy it if I don't win it! Melinda works our chickens and this would be a boon for this summer…..wonderful offering! Thanks for the fun chanc! 🙂

Janet Gibbens
7 years ago

subscribed already! Comment: I just can't get enough of your chicken Rachel!! I think you should do an article just about her and her story. How she came to be at your coop. Everyone would love it!! And we of course, would love the Avian Aqua Miser. Pick us!!

Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith
7 years ago

Hi Kathy , I received my babies this morning.. I also received a surprise one which is black with white on tips of wings and white belly.. anyway that one seems kinda sluggish compared to the others.. the others chicks seem to be up and running around , but this one seems to want to sleep.. I made up the green gel for them.. but I picked this chick up and held the little sauce cup with the gel in it in my hand and this baby seemed to gobble it down when I held him.. after i put him… Read more »

Andrea Kibler
Andrea Kibler
7 years ago

My chicks just hatched, first one was late sat night, 4 Sunday and two today. So far they are all great walking around in a confined area from the rest of the flock. I have 2 questions if you can please help me with the first one is how long should I let the other eggs sit in there before I give up on them hatching? And the second question is how long should I keep mama and baby chicks away from the other chickens? Please and thank you 🙂