What a fantastic week it has been! All kinds of great goings-on, including buds opening on flowers and trees, temps in the eighties, new sponsors and opportunities knocking, justice doing its thing for the good guys and Blaze’s chicks hatching by the dozen! I’ll keep you updated on all of the above in due time.  Please enjoy some of the photos taken in my chicken yard this week and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who have done or are doing The most important job in the world, bar none.

The flock celebrates its matriarch, Freida, as Mother Hen of the Year for 6 consecutive years!
Some of Blaze’s 12 Black Copper Marans babies that hatched on 5/3/15.♥
Olive Egger hen with her adopted Silver Spangled Hamburg chicks.
Sylvio- Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster.
Margarita- Black White Faced Spanish hen.
Chevy- Light Sussex rooster.
Decaf you mean broken coffee
I'm busy turning coffee into awesomeness
She went that way
Wake up and caffeinate
Rachel Divider