Flock Focus Friday with The Chicken Chick

April ended with major showers this week in New England, but my flock played in the puddles regardless. All eyes have been on the incubator inside the house though as one of the eggs given to me by P. Allen Smith last month contains twin embryos! With just about three days to go until hatch day, I’m surprised they are still both alive and while I’m hopeful that they both survive, it isn’t likely. Space is in short supply inside an eggshell and these two are running out of leg-room very quickly now. The videos and photos you’ll see of the twins were all taken while candling the eggs with a Brinsea Ova-Scope.

This photo was taken at day 7 into the incubation process.

The photos above and below were taken on day 16 of incubation. Twin one is to the left of the initials which stand for the breed Black White Faced Spanish. Twin two is to the right of the “B.”

This video shows the twins in action on day 14 of incubation with 7 remaining
Seramas, Caesar and Portia.
Penny, Olive Egger.
I have two broody hens in the basement sitting on some Lavender Ameraucana egglets!
Black Copper Marans rooster, undeterred by the pouring rain.
Calista Flockheart, Tolbunt Polish Frizzle.

I stopped to take these photos in Wethersfield, Connecticut (on my way to renew my driver’s license!) at the Comstock, Ferre & Co. Seed Company.

But first, COFFEE.
Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed in the morning.
Noah called...he picks up in an hour.
How do I take my coffee? Seriously. Very SERIOUSLY.
Keep Calm and chicken ON!
Tomorrow's Monday AGAIN?! I don't think I can do this every week.
Hey baby. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Unfertilized. Now go away.
Welcome to the Karma Cafe. There is no menu- you get what you deserve.
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
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