Throughout March and April, I had the privilege of travelling to Tractor Supply Stores in Connecticut and Massachusetts during Chick Days to chat chickens & meet fellow chickeneers! I love my job! When I haven’t been on the road, I’ve been working on some pretty exciting stuff that I can’t wait to share with you, so stay tuned for updates soon!

Move along…nothing to see here.

In between visits to Tractor Supply stores, I was paid a visit by WFSB, Channel 3, the CBS Local Affiliate in Connecticut for a feature story on their Better Connecticut program! Click on the photo below or HERE to view the video.

Southwick, MA Tractor Supply Store
Difficult as it was to walk out of the store without a box full of chicks, I did it!
Enfield, CT Tractor Supply Store
Farmington, CT Tractor Supply Store
Vernon, CT Tractor Supply Store

SO cool to meet longtime Facebook follower, Travis Anderson, and so many other followers and chicken keepers in person!

What would a Flock Focus Friday be without the chicken memes?!

Thanks for visiting, have a great week!

Rachel Divider