Day old chicken chick

After battling single digit temperatures most of the week, the flock is looking forward to a reprieve this weekend as temperatures are expected to soar into the low 40s! We got a half dozen new chicks this week and spring fever has kicked into high gear!

ellen deHeneres Marans hen
ellen deHeneres (a Marans hen, half Black Copper Marans, half Wheaten Marans) trying to see past Mount Snow.
Two Marans hens
ellen deHeneres and Windy. Windy is also a Marans, but a Blue Splash Marans.
Three day old chicks on and under Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder

The spring temptation has begun as baby chicks have begun arriving in feed stores everywhere! We picked up four Barred Plymouth Rock pullets and two Red Pullets of undetermined breed. The chicks keep me company while I work in my office, staying warm underneath and playing on top of their EcoGlow Brooder. Read more about the EcoGlow brooder and what makes it infinitely safer to use than traditional heat lamps HERE.

Marans rooster and Tolbunt Polish Frizzle hens

Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster) has the company of my two Tolbunt Polish Frizzles until the weather warms up outside. The scabs from his frostbite are nearly gone and their head feathers from bored flock mates picking them have begun filling in.

Black Copper Marans rooster
Sparky (Black Copper Marans rooster). I think he was speaking his mind about the never-ending winter.
Partridge Plymouth Rock hen, molting

This Partridge Plymouth Rock has been molting at a rapid rate the past few weeks. It’s remarkable to see the difference six days makes.

Coyote and opossum behind chicken coops

My Trail Cam captured a coyote and an opossum skulking behind the chicken coops at night this week. I am not the least bit worried about either of them, however, as the coops are predator-proof. This opossum was not near my chicken coops and certainly not inside either chicken run. This post and beam fence surrounds my backyard, not my coops, so while he was in my backyard,  he was no threat to my flock at any time.

White Silkie hen
Freida (Silkie hen).
Backyard chickens, Marans, Bantam Cochin Frizzle & barnyard mix
Lola, Columbian Wyandotte and a Partridge Plymouth rock chicken
Serama rooster and Bantam Cochin Frizzle hen, Rachel

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