Flock Focus Friday, 3/20/15

Word has it today is the first day of spring, but we can’t seem to find it here in New England through the freshly fallen snow!

Flock Focus Friday, 3/20/15 featuring a HENBAG GIVEAWAY!

Thank you for stopping in to visit and have a great week!

Freida, White Silkie hen & flock matriarch.
Finally, an end to the winter egg drought!
The Royal Couple: Rachel & Blaze.
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Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®



Thank you so much for all the information you post. As a new chicken mom this year it has been so helpful. I love this bag and saw it several weeks ago for the first time. I sure would love to win one!!!!! 🙂

Melanie Jones
Melanie Jones

Thank you! Lockdown today and keeping my fingers crossed. All look good as of now.

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