Unrelenting, brutal cold and snow have been the name of the game here in New England the past month and there is no relief in sight. Nobody doubts the local meteorologist who said today that this has been the coldest month in Connecticut history. The weather is to blame for cabin fever in the chicken coops, but lots of exciting things are unfolding inside as we await some relief from the cold.

We welcomed a new member into our flock family just in time for my birthday this week: Milo, a 3 month old Yorkshire Terrier with an impressive pedigree, was escorted from South Carolina by his breeder to New York City, a short car ride from his forever home here in Connecticut! He walked into the house like he owned the joint and stole all of our hearts with his affectionate, playful personality. Please enjoy some of the photos taken since the last Flock Focus Friday!

When did we move to Alaska
I havet had my coffee yet now would be a good time to back up and walk away
The cold never bothered me anyway False I hate winter
Warning caffeine deprived and dangerous when provoked proceed at your own risk
Coffee saves lives just ask my family
Someone get my agent on the phone Frigid is not in my contract
Its a real shame that you cant drink coffee and sleep at the same time
Coffee prepare to meet your maker
I like to think my coffee needs me too
Rachel Divider