Flock Focus Friday, 1/9/15

This week in a word? Cold. Don’t let the super sunny photos from the beginning of the week fool you- we endured the coldest temperatures of the year in Connecticut this week and are looking forward to a warm up any time now!

Sylvio (Silver Laced Wyandotte cockerel)
Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster)
Buelah, Buff Orpington hen
Rachel (Bantam Cochin Frizzle hen)
Frederick (Serama cockerel)
Iris (Olive Egger hen)
Margarita (Black White Faced Spanish pullet) taking a winter stroll.
Serama cockerel (left, Caesar) and Marans hen (right, ellen deHeneres)
Light Sussex cockerel (Chevy)
Columbian Wyandotte hen (Lola)
Black White Faced Spanish hen (Margarita)
Sylvio and Iris made it to the cover of my article in Chickens Magazine this month!
Here is the list of things I would like to discuss before I have had my coffee
Rachel Divider


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Heike Bartlett
Heike Bartlett

Discovered chickens kind of late in life, but am having a blast. I love my Buff Brahmas (full size) and my gold laced Wyandottes. I could so use this brooder for the coming baby season.

Casandra Glover
Casandra Glover

Can't wait to start my first flock! This would help!

Anna Orgeron
Anna Orgeron

I'm currently 'penny pinching' to save for my own. So want one!

Chicken Hill Poultry

Chick Season is on, woot!! Can never have enough equipment 🙂 Thanks Chicken Chick
for all you contribute to the chickie world!

Carol Stansberry Margerum

Love Brinsea products!

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