Snow and cold. That’s all I can say about this week. It has gotten old, folks. Blaze is in the basement with a frostbite related comb injury, which means Sparky is taking care of the ladies- a job he rather enjoys. I ordered hatching eggs this week and am looking forward to their arrival. Learn how much fun hatching eggs can be on my Hatch-along with The Chicken Chick series HERE.

Sparky’s holding down the fort for The Big Dawg and even though he has a little frostbite, he seems to be healing more quickly than his dad, Blaze (both Black Copper Marans). Youth is likely to thank for that.

Caesar (Serama cockerel)
Rachel’s (Bantam Cochin Frizzle) expression says it all. We’re all fairly well over winter. Click this image to read more about Bantam Cochin Frizzle chickens.
Iris (Olive Egger) hen. Click this image to read more about Olive Egger chickens

Ally McBeak (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle) found a warmish rock to occupy out of the wind. The flock only got about an hour of free-range time each day this week due to the crazy cold temperatures.

Gotta love the spirit of the ladies as they make the best of the available foraging opportunities.
Spartacus with a rousing rendition of “Me and My Shadow.”
Kate (Speckled Sussex) hen. Click this image to read more about Speckled Sussex chickens

My article on chickens and obesity was published this week in Hobby Farm Home magazine. No matter how many articles I write, I always get a kick out of seeing them in a national publication.

Thanks for joining me and have a great week!