The Blizzard of 2015

Looking back at my photos from January I can’t believe how nutty it was: Doc Brown came down with a mystery illness that had me looking at her back for several days to determine whether she was still breathing. After days of hand feeding and prayer, she miraculously recovered. Blaze & Chevy got hit with frostbite which put them out of commission and in the basement Mancave where they remain with Doc until temperatures warm up. Mr. Chicken Chick and I had whirlwind weekend at the Northeastern Poultry Congress meeting so many of my amazing peeps, followed days later by a scheduled surgery that put me out of commission for a bit. Finally, we have been getting hammered with frigid temps and snow storms here in New England, including a certified blizzard last week and are now staring down the barrel of another couple of feet of snow tomorrow night! Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it all. I’m very much looking forward to a mostly boring February, please!

Doc Brown and me
Blaze & Chevy, Day 1 in the Mancave with frostbite.
Me & my peeps at the Northeastern Poultry Congress!
After Doc’s crisis passed, she joined the fellas in an adjacent condo in the basement.
Im not cut out for winter I want my flip flops
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