Speckled Sussex Hen pic The-Chicken-Chick.com

Mr. Chicken Chick and I attended The Northeastern Poultry Congress this weekend and had a BLAST! I’ll be sharing photos from it later this week when I get a chance to catch my breath. Between the poultry show, trying to keep the flock safe in the sub-zero temperatures and snow we’ve been suffering through and writing a few magazine articles, it’s been crazy busy, but I promise I will share photos of some amazing chickens and other fancy poultry I visited at the show.

The Chicken Chick booth at the Northeastern Poultry Congress 1/18/14
It was fabulous to meet so many of my peeps from so many different states who traveled to Massachusetts in a blizzard to get there! 
Spartacus is a cross between a Red Sex Link pullet and a Serama cockerel
Spartacus, feeling big. (he’s a cross between a Red Sex Link pullet and a Serama cockerel)
Speckled Sussex and Black Copper Marans hens
Kate, my Speckled Sussex with a Black Copper Marans behind her.
Large fowl Partridge Cochin
This is Bertha, she’s one of the three new birds we purchased at the poultry show this weekend. She’s a large fowl Partridge Cochin and she is HUGE!
Dark Cornish Bantam pullets

Mr. Chicken Chick chose these two Bantam Dark Cornish pullets at the poultry show. Since he named Bertha, I named these two Thelma & Louise. Louise already escaped once inside the house. I’m going to have to keep a close eye on this pair lest they live up to their names.

Black Copper Marans rooster
Sparky, Black Copper Marans rooster.
Some of my flock members, enjoying a pre-snow stroll
Black Copper Marans egg and Olive Egger egg in the snow
More snow. At least it’s pretty if not inconvenient.
Buff Orpington pullet
Buff Orpington pullet. Still with no name.
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