Winter landed in New England this week: sleet, freezing rain, biting cold and wicked winds. Some of the newer flock members didn’t know what to make of it, but they’re adjusting. We’re expecting the first significant accumulation of snow tonight though, so it should make for some interesting faces on the flockers this weekend!

Lousy weather makes for excellent opportunity to work on indoor projects such as holiday crafts and baking. If you missed my Vintage Christmas tree tutorial or Holiday Shutter articles, feel free to check ’em out!

I had a blast creating a guide to Gifts for the Chicken Addict.
Portia (Serama pullet) getting a bird’s eye view of the decorations in the chicken yard.

Lola (Columbian Wyandotte) has made significant progress with her molt. Her new feathers are popping out just in time for the really cold weather and snow.

Spartacus, (Serama cockerel crossed with Red Sex Link) posturing for his royal portrait, perhaps? He’s going to be a handful!
Rachel, (Bantam Cochin Frizzle) chillin’ with her home girls. They’re working on pooling their body heat lately.
Sparky (Black Copper Marans cockerel). Dreamy.
A yet unnamed Olive Egger pullet and Caesar, (Serama cockerel) are inseparable. It’s hard to believe they’re the same age, isn’t it? 
The ice was pretty, but made the trip down to the coop treacherous.
The Little Deuce Coop. If you’ve never taken the Virtual Tour of my coops, you’re invited to!
Thanks for joining me and have a great weekend!
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