I thought I’d use this week’s Flock Focus Friday to celebrate my beautiful boys at Blazing Trails Farm! I’ve got a major beef with the negative perceptions perpetrated by many rooster detractors. Until I began keeping chickens myself, I didn’t realize that roosters are no noisier than barking dogs and while it’s true that a rooster may crow at daybreak or in the middle of the night if disturbed, dogs can too, and crowing can be managed easily by sound-proofing and light-proofing the coop or by bringing the rooster into another interior space (garage, basement) to sleep at night. Measured in decibel levels, upper 70s are annoying to most people.

A rooster at 328 feet = 48 dB
A lawnmower at 328 feet=107 dB
A barking dog at 400 feet = 48 dB
A typical car interior on the highway=75 dB

So, before conceding an argument that roosters should be outlawed, a more critical assessment of the facts of rooster sounds and behaviors should be made.

Blaze, the Flock King, is a Black Copper Marans.
Sylvio is a Silver Laced Wyandotte cockerel.  
Caesar is a Serama rooster.
Chevy is a Light Sussex cockerel.
Frederick is a Serama cockerel.

Seriously before i had my coffee I didn't realize how fabulous I was going to be today either
Too much Monday not enough coffee
Of course its Monday this aint my Friday face
Never trust anyone who smiles before their first cup of coffee
You cant fight city hall said no chicken ever
Its 5am and youre trying to sleep allow me to sing you the song of my people
the question isnt who is going to let me its who is going to stop me
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

Sources, decibel levels:

Rachel Divider