The photos this week don’t really tell the weather tale. It was alternately pleasant and sunny, to freezing cold and rainy and the flock is a little confused. We’re all cool with rain, it’s snow we dread. We spent several days preparing for snow and biting cold. Sparky (shown above. Black Copper Marans cockerel) kept a close eye on Mr. Chicken Chick as he winterized the run with heavy duty plastic. While he was busy with that project, I spent a significant amount of time writing about winter weather challenges that chicken-keepers face.  Check it out here if you haven’t already.

Doc Brown (White Crested Black Polish hen)
Rachel. Silly Rachel. (Bantam Cochin Frizzle)

Iris (Olive Egger hen) and her babies.(which are either Olive Eggers or Black Copper Marans.) They’re spending much of their time foraging ever further away from her every day.

Marans hen, soaking in the warm afternoon sun.
Partridge Plymouth Rock availing herself of a better view.
Black Olive Egger hen.
Spartacus (Serama crossed with a Red Sex Link) 
Vera, a Red Sex Link & Spartacus’ mom. (pic above and below)
Thanks for joining me and have a great weekend!
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