Flock Focus Friday, 1/10/14

Flock Focus Friday, 1/10/14

Mother Nature was not kind to us this week with record-setting low temperatures creating challenges such as frostbite and frozen eggs. The chickens have been confined to the covered runs much of the week and at least one of the roosters has taken up residence in the basement to protect from further cold damage to his comb and wattles. Even picture taking was made difficult by the brutal cold, but I eked out a few for you.

The windswept backyard.
Sparky asserted his leadership when Blaze was put on the DL with frostbite and brought into the basement most of the week to recover.
ellen deHeneres is a Marans– her father is a Black Copper Marans and her mother is a Wheaten Marans.
The sun came out once or twice this week warming temperatures up into the twenties and the flock was able to get out for an hour or so just before dusk.
Foggy coops.
Marilyn Monroe (White Orpington)

Frozen eggs are breaking hearts all over the country in the frigid temperatures we have been suffering this winter, but I came up with a solution to warm up the nest boxes just enough to prevent wasted eggs.

Check out my DIY instructions for a Nest Box Cozy to keep your hens’ eggs from freezing!

Caesar’s (Serama cockerel)  personality has really blossomed since he found his voice. He’s super friendly and inquisitive. Just like his brother Brutus who passed away in August, his personality is larger than life and he has no idea I could fit him in my pocket. Totally adorable.

Striped eggs?
Portia (Serama pullet) and a few other brave flock members made a break for bare grass. I hope they enjoyed it because it snowed the next day with no grass to be seen. Again. 

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