Flock Focus Friday, 10/3/14

Marilyn Monroe (White Orpington)

Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from this week!

Ally McBeak (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle hen)
Autumn chicken yard.
Hydrangea flowers. 
Frederick (Serama cockerel) on top of the hen house
Fresh eggs from backyard pets.
Margarita (Black  White Faced Spanish pullet)
Sylvio (Silver Laced Wyandotte) 
Caesar (Serama rooster)

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Rachel Divider

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Stace Wilson
Stace Wilson
7 years ago

Ooo! My chickens have never tried the mealworms! Hoping to win some for them. Thanks for all your awesome giveaways!

Tiffani Zettlemoyer
Tiffani Zettlemoyer
2022 years ago

So sorry about Blaze, he was very beautiful. My ladies are still about a month away from laying (I may have a rooster in there). It’s so exciting and so addicting. I already have more in the brooder. Thank you for all of your wonderful pics and info you pass our way.

Ellen Trantham
Ellen Trantham
2022 years ago

Love your information. When I have a problem, I also come to your website.

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