What began as a mission to gather materials to make a wreath
for the front door of our house turned into a 2 day coop-decorating affair. It all began
with a little Pinspiration for a square wreath and days later…the
chickens have a festive, new wreath for their coop and fully bedecked runs, yet our front door remains unadorned.    How about a little photo tour of the decorating process and then a quick, square wreath tutorial? 

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Harvesting some bittersweet along the side of the road in town. My 4 year old took this shot!

Square Wreath

Pine branches. Check!

Supply Acquisition: ACCOMPLISHED. Most of these greens went onto the “mantles. ” of the chicken runs.

I must share this revelation about my Lemoncello Enzyme cleaner: it removes pine tar better than any other method or product I have ever tried. You have to see it to believe it!

I got the Buff Orpington chicks their very own tree. I didn’t intend for them to leave presents under it. 

My Olive Egger roo, above, and Black Copper Marans pullet, below, serve as living decorations on the little run.

I would share a photo of the garland on the run, however…the chickens ate every bittersweet berry off it and rearranged the greenery. (note: I used false bittersweet, which is not poisonous to chickens)


I cut 6 branches (aka: weeds) from the woods behind the chicken coops into 23″ lengths, binding them together with floral wire.

I began weaving the bittersweet vines around the frame. Rarely was it necessary to tie them in place.

I wired together two small bunches of pine needles with branches from our own Christmas tree (what? at least I cut them from the back!). The greens were wired onto the corner. I then tucked some little pine cone looking things into the twisted vines and greens (I cut them from a tree behind the red coop too. I have no idea what they are, but they’re cute).

A little more bittersweet on top a small piece of floral wire to hang it onto the coop door

I can’t be sure, but I believe Marilyn was contemplating Christmas caroling.

Feed bag stockings were, hung from the run with care.

The chicken wire Christmas balls adorn the trees in front of  the coops. Still need a few more to complete the job.

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