Chicken Saddles & Chicken Diapers

Chicken diapers and saddles

Those new to chicken-keeping may never have heard of a chicken saddle or chicken diaper, but if you keep chickens, chances are, you’re likely to need one sooner or later.  Why would you ever need a saddle or diaper for a chicken? Good question.

The Chicken Chick Hen Mating Saddle™
Chicken diapers and saddles | Underside of chicken saddle
Chicken diapers and saddles | Chicken Saddle
The Chicken Chick’s Hen Mating Saddle™, also known as a hen apron.

A hen saddle is a piece of material that protects a chicken’s skin and feathers from damage due to rooster over-mating. During mating, a rooster stands on a hen’s back, holding her neck feathers with his beak and steadying himself with his feet. This activity, known as treading, can cause feather loss and skin injuries. An aggressive rooster, or one with a preference for a particular hen, may cause bald spots on a hen’s back and wings; these vulnerable areas can be protected with the use of a properly constructed and fitted hen saddle.

Rooster mating hen
During mating, a rooster stands on (treads) the hens’ back and wings to balance himself.
Chicken diapers and saddles | Feather loss on hen's back due to rooster treading & hen apron being modeled.
Chicken diapers and saddles | Polish hen wearing a hen saddle

Chicken diapers are used not only for house chickens, but for times when a chicken becomes house-bound due to a serious injury or illness requiring close supervision. The diapers provide the chicken-keeper with the option not to keep their pet penned-up in a crate or cage for the duration of their recovery. They are easy to put on, adjustable and have a waterproof liner in the pouch. The ‘V’ shape allows it to cup around the chicken’s tail to provide a good fit.

Chicken diapers and saddles | Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen wearing a chicken diaper
Stella, my Silver Spangled Hamburg, models a diaper.
Chicken diapers and saddles | Chicken diaper with removable, washable insert.
Chicken diapers and saddles | Chicken diaper, view of the insert inside
The white material is a removable pouch.

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5 months ago

Hen saddle won’t stay on hen. She keeps flapping her wings and it comes off. How can I keep it on her?

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