Autumn’s Vases: Gourds & Pumpkins

My chickens believe that my mums are for standing on and walking through, which is to be expected, but when I find the broken stems my feathered vandals have left behind, I can’t bring myself to throw them away. 

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A recent trip with my daughters to a local pumpkin farm provided the inspiration for giving a second life to the broken mums.

This Cinderella pumpkin variety is my flock’s favorite flavor.

Simply cut off the top of a gourd, scoop out the center, add water & fill with flowers.

Kate, my Speckled Sussex hen, always has to know what’s going on and whether there’s something edible to be had.

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Lara @ MommyKazam
Lara @ MommyKazam
2020 years ago

Such a cute idea, I’m definitely going to have to borrow it 🙂

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