Once Upon a Flock Book Introduction Giveaway! 3/21/13

Lauren Scheuer, talented author and illustrator of Once Upon a Flock,
whipped up this drawing of my Bantam Cochin Frizzle and all-around diva, Rachel. ♥
Rachel can be seen on my Facebook page once a day in my series, “Your Daily Rachel.”
Shortly after I began keeping chickens, one of the wonderfully unexpected revelations I had was that each flock member has its own personality, idiosyncrasies and challenges. Watching them evolve from tiny, wide-eyed, fluff balls into adults in a mere five months is truly fascinating in the same way I imagine it would be to watch an person grow from infant to college graduate in five months. I soon learned, however, that speaking to non chicken-keepers about their distinctive personas and daily antics, one risks being labelled “the crazy chicken lady” by friends and family. Enter Lauren Scheuer, author of Once Upon a Flock, Life with My Soulful Chickens, a flock-keeper,  illustrator, fellow New Englander and builder of stuff who, in writing this book, has single-handedly elevated the status of crazy chicken ladies everywhere to an enviable level.
Publishers Weekly has listed Once Upon a Flock as one of the top ten most anticipated memoirs for Spring 2013. While reading this book, you’ll fall in love with Lauren’s chickens if you already keep chickens and if you aren’t, it will make you want a flock of your own. The following is Lauren’s introduction to her special needs hen, Lucy and her new book:
When my four young hens were about six months old, Lucy, the Barred Rock,
fell ill with Marek’s disease.
Suddenly, Lucy couldn’t walk. She couldn’t even stand up. She was very
sleepy and her face turned grey. Not knowing what else to do, I brought her
into the house and kept her as comfortable as I could. I expected Lucy to die any day, but she just kept on living. After a while I found myself sketching little chicken wheelchairs.   And little by little, I found myself falling in love with this
Once Upon a Flock is the true story of Lucy the special needs hen and of
her friend Hatsy; of Marky the terrier, Lil’White the evil Orpington – and my
small flock of remarkable individuals.
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Winner chosen by random drawing from eligible entries and notified via email if provided or at the bottom of this blog post. Giveaway ends 3/21/13 11pm EST.


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Went to visit my mother 3 states away and took all my chicken books. Would love to add this one to my collection.

Ken N Ruth Carpenter
Ken N Ruth Carpenter

Would love to win this!!! So many great giveaways!! 🙂


That's so nice to know, Christina. Thank you!

Christina Green

My husband and I embarked on the chicken raising journey September 2012 and we have fallen hopelessly in love with our special flock. We would love to read this book. We absolutely love your website as well AND your blog helped us SAVE our sweet chick! She was sick and we were able to bring her back to her talkative self. Thank you again for your website and Facebook news feeds!!

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