Flock Focus Friday with The Chicken Chick 4-25-14

Busy, busy week here in Suffield, Connecticut. Lots of sunshine and balmy temperatures provided ideal conditions for doing spring clean up and yard work that the chickens were happy to help with. Please enjoy the photos!

Buff Orptington hen, mulching the yard.
Our annual truckload of mulch was delivered this week and the chickens did their part to help spread it into place- and then kicked it out of place.
Rake mulch on top of hardware cloth to keep chickens out of certain flower beds.
A little strategically placed hardware cloth underneath preferred dust bathing locations (theirs, not mine!) seems to be redirecting the chickens’ digging activities.
The flock, lounging in the clean mulch.
One of my “little” brothers visited this week with my niece to pick up his annual load of custom-made chicken manure for his garden.
Flock Focus Friday at The Chicken Chick®
Freida (5 year old White Silkie) and  Ceasar (9 month old Serama cockerel)
Broody hen.

There are currently three broody hens in the flock. The hens who have proven to be good mothers will be given fertile eggs to hatch.

Chicken Coop mailbox.

Mr. Chicken Chick installed the mailbox he made for me in February for my birthday. I love it and it’s a nice clean spot to set down the egg basket while puttering around the chicken yard.

Tolbunt Polish Frizzle hen.
Ally McBeak, Tolbunt Polish Frizzle- working last year’s leaves.

Coffee's ON!
I most certainly did NOT eat your Oreos and am appalled at the suggestion.
Guess what day it is?
Holy. Cow. chick
You call it coffee. I call it Survival Juice.
The early bird can have the worm. I'll take coffee.
Monday's Calling. I think I'll let it go to voicemail.
It's not "Happy" or "Merry" anything until AFTER I have had my coffee.
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Rachel Divider