The slightest hint of autumn was in the air this week, but that was short-lived as the weather turned uncomfortably warm and humid yesterday and is currently pouring rain. Typical, schizophrenic New England weather.

Vera, (Red Sex Link pullet) looking for trouble, undoubtedly.

Lucy (Easter Egger hen) is beating the autumn rush as she begins molting a little early. Since feather loss from molting begins at the top of the head, this is currently her better view.

We were excited to welcome a few Olive Egger chicks that hatched under broody hens!
Brutus (Mille Fleur Serama) continues his love-hate relationship with the weathervane.

This swallowtail caterpillar was enjoying my dill plants. She’ll soon become a butterfly like the one below, which has been hanging out at the chicken coops.

This Olive Egger broody hen is not to be trifled with- she’s still sitting on eggs due to hatch next week.
Blaze continues to recover from his 2 month battle with a wattle infection.

I received some Lavender Ameraucana eggs from my peeps at Louden Farms this week!  The light brown egg is Rachel’s- the baby daddy is to be determined (if it’s fertile at all).

Another new flock member (Olive Egger).
Brutus (Mille Fleur Serama cockerel). Not Amused.
Awesome sunset across the road from my house earlier this week.

Did you know that the larger sized particles of oyster shell are better for laying hens than eggshells? True story. Read more about why, here.

I borrowed this basket from a local children’s theater at which my daughter was attending camp last summer.

With both daughters back in camp at the Red Door Theater this week, I couldn’t resist inquiring whether they would sell me the basket. With no questions asked or dollar amount mentioned, they gave it to me!  I made a respectable donation to the theater along with a dozen farm fresh eggs.

My favorite picture of Calista Flockheart (Tolbunt Polish Crested Frizzle).
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