Flock Focus Friday, 2/21/14

See all of this pretty snow that fell this week? It couldn’t last forever and now it’s a big, watery mess that has kept me busy bailing out the basement and around the coops all day.

My chicken village
My chicken coops at night during a snow storm
Chickens exploring the snow
This photo gives you a sense for how tiny Casear is (Serama cockerel).
Black Copper Marans rooster and Tolbunt Polish Frizzle hen
Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster) recovering from frostbite, playing leap-frog with Ally McBeak (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle) in the basement?
Snow chickens
Partridge Plymouth rock hen & Tolbunt Polish Frizzle hen.
Partridge Plymouth Rock hen (left) & Tolbunt Polish Frizzle hen, Calista Flockheart.
Kate, my Speckled Sussex hen.
Kate (Speckled Sussex hen).
Birds of a feather flock together.
Birds of a feather really do flock together!
Caesar, Serama cockerel
Winter chicken coop weathervane

Too many people are walking around unmedicated, unsupervised and affecting my life.
Powered by Caffeine
Next year, we fly south. Chickens in snow.
It's coffee o'clock!
Coffee. Just what the doctor ordered.
I drink coffee for your protection.
Just Brew IT!
Poultry Olympics, Nordic combined, Team USA
Poultry Olympics, Nordic Combined
Your coffee is calling!
Somebody get my travel agent on the phone. Seriously. I'm SO OVER this!
Coffee, a hug in a mug.
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
Rachel Divider

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Christy Duplantie
Christy Duplantie
7 years ago

A healthier way for a healthy flock- Crossing my fingers!

Angela Smith Deas
Angela Smith Deas
7 years ago

I could use this waterer 😉

Katie Brown Stafford
Katie Brown Stafford
7 years ago

I would love to replace my waterer with this!

Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson
7 years ago

Great way to water chickens and a clean way as well.Thanks for the opportunity to try to win one of these:)

Kelley Thies
Kelley Thies
7 years ago

Like to see if my girls would use it, be nice to have cleaner water for them.