Elf on the Shelf Naughty or Nice Report Cards to Santa with FREE PRINTABLES!

Eddie, our Elf on the Shelf returned from the North Pole Thanksgiving night and things got interesting the next day in our house! Santa Claus sent Eddie with a note, report cards and a framed clothesline for my 7 &  & 10 year old daughters. Santa wants a daily report not only from Eddie, but from  their own behavior each day.

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Santa shared his expectations of the girls’ behavior this holiday season and, instead of relying solely on Eddie’s nightly report of their behavior, Santa would like to see their self assessments. I’m all for introspection and accountability, so naturally I’m all on board with Santa’s genius plan this year! Here’s how the Elf on the Shelf Report to Santa works and how your elf can enroll your little one(s) in this very effective holiday program.

My girls woke up the morning after Thanksgiving to find Eddie sitting on the mantle next to a frame.  Attached to a candy cane clothesline with tiny clothespins were two tiny envelopes, each containing top secret notes from Santa. Affixed to the back of the frame was a second, nondescript envelope containing two “Naughty” and two “Nice” cards. Before bedtime each night, the girls think about which card they earned that day and insert it in their tiny envelope for Eddie to bring back to Santa at the North Pole that night. Please feel free to pass on these instructions and free printables to your family’s Elf on the Shelf!

Milo is not a fan of Eddie’s. ☺



8×10 frame
color printer
white paper
Baker’s twine
1.25″ mini clothespins
tape, scissors
Print out one copy of the 8.5 x 11″  Daily Report to Santa for framing.
Daily Report to Santa PDF

Print out one copy of Mini Envelopes (there are two per 8.5 x 11 sheet). Mini Envelopes here.

Print out one copy of Daily Report Cards to Santa.
There are 3 copies each of Naughty & Nice per page.
Daily Report Cards to Santa here.

Print out at least one copy of Santa’s letterhead here.


Remove back of frame, cardboard and glass.  Place front of frame face down on work surface. Cut a length of baker’s twine 2 1/2 times the width of frame. Don’t stretch too tightly. Center the bakery twine over the empty frame. Place glass in frame over twine. Place Daily Report to Santa on top of glass, printed side down. (trim to fit if necessary) Place cardboard backing on top of Daily Report to Santa. Replace frame’s backing. 

Cut envelope on outside black lines. Lay envelope printed side down.
Crease and fold both side flaps in towards center. Crease and fold bottom flap up to cover side folds. Tape three folded flaps to each other (but not to the front of the envelope).

Santa will write a note, which the Elf on the Shelf places in the tiny envelopes and attaches to the clothesline with clothespins. Kids place their Naughty or Nice Report Cards in the tiny envelopes nightly, which are brought to Santa by the Elf and returned in the morning. I hope your children enjoy this little tradition as much as mine have been. Merry Christmas!

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