Eggshell Candles

With backyard chickens creating eggs in a gorgeous array of colors, it pains me to crack the eggshells, but projects that permit a continued appreciation for the eggs takes the edge off a little bit. Eggshell candles are a super easy craft project that result in a unique and beautiful home accent or gift for anyone.  Ready to learn how to make them? 

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18 clean eggshells
1 lb soy wax chips
candle wicks
colored wax candle pieces from previously used candle, optional
lavender essential oil, optional (1 teaspoon per 1 lb soy wax)
aluminum can (clean & dry)
2 qt saucepan
egg cartons
wired ribbon


Crack egg open using a heavy, straight edged knife in a single, deliberate whack.

Empty egg, clean and air dry eggshell.

Trim edges by hand if desired, saving shells to feed back to the hens.
Edges need not be uniform-  jagged looks beautiful.

Add a few inches of water to saucepan & warm over medium low heat.
Fill can with wax chips.

Add essential oil and/or a small amount of colored wax pieces (both optional).

Place can in warm water until melted, adding more wax as needed. Remove from heat.

Up-cycled votive candle pieces add a subtle touch of color to the eggshell candles.

Place eggshells in egg carton. Using a small spoon, add a dab of wax to bottom of each eggshell. Center wick in each eggshell on top of wax.

Allow wax to harden.

Fill eggshells with melted wax. Allow wax to cool & harden.

Trim wick to 1/4″. Always use eggshell candles in a stable, non-flammable holder.

Ceramic or porcelain egg holders work perfectly for displaying eggshell candles.

For gifting, fill clear plastic egg cartons with eggshell candles and wrap with pretty ribbon.

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  1. YEs we would love to win and YES we are going to make candles! I have a friend who gives me duck eggs – nice and big and lots of colors!

  2. Would love to win. I also will be saving some shells to use as candles – neat idea!

  3. I would dearly love to be the winner of this First-Aid kit…it has everything! Also, the eggshell candles are terrific…quite an unusual gift.

  4. What a great idea with the eggshells. Was looking over the site of eFowl and liked the site. Thanks for sharing!