DIY Candy Cake

DIY Candy Cake
My baby girl turned six this week and we held her party at the most adorable girls’ spa. The girls got cupcake manicures, chocolate facials and princess up-dos, they made lip-gloss, shopped in the gift loft, raided the candy bar and karaoked their little hearts out. Having held two parties at this spa previously, I was aware of their ‘no outside food’ policy- it’s an insurance/liability thing. Leave it to the lawyers to spoil the fun. I always make my daughters’ birthday cakes, so this policy is a real bummer. The spa ordinarily presents the girls with a candy cake as the birthday song is sung, but it’s a show cake, which is promptly whisked away after the candle is blown out, so this year, I decided to make my baby girl her own candy cake that she would take home.
Candy Cake for the Birthday Girl
The assembly took a little more time than anticipated, but it was super fun to make and I’m sure I will make more for celebrations in the future Now that I think of it…they’d make a fun birthday gift for someone too. I let my daughter select all of her favorite candies and then I picked a few of my own. Hey! I didn’t want to run out. Backup is important in a project like this. 🙂 This project can be done very inexpensively with candy from the dollar store or by scaling the size of the cake down. 
DIY Candy Cake at

  • 2 square boxes, hat boxes or cookie tins, one smaller than the other.
  • Lots-o-candy, including lollipops for the cake topper.
  • A base for the cake (eg: a plastic charger, thick cardboard)
  • wrapping paper
  • tape, double-sided tape, self-adhesive dots or a cool glue gun
  • scissors
  • a chunk of floral foam & large serrated knife
  • utility knife
  • a ginormous screw & drill
  • Washi tape or ribbon
Double stick tape, Washi tape and self-adhesive, double sided dots
These adhesive dots are a pain in the neck to work with because they are super sticky, but they work well for the intended purpose.
Self-adhesive, double-sided dots
Drill the screw through the cake base from the bottom, up.
Charger purchased at Target on clearance for fifty cents
With serrated knife, cut a piece of floral foam
to the width of the largest box.
Press floral foam onto the cake base.
floral foam holds bottom box of the candy cake securely in place on the cake base
Tape the top box closed on all sides. 
Leave one side of the bottom box open.

Cover the boxes with a decorative paper that you don’t

mind seeing in the event part of the box is exposed. 
I chose a gold Christmas paper.
two square boxes, one smaller than the other
wrap boxes in case a portion of the boxes shows through the candy.
After boxes are wrapped, place the 
bottom box on top of the floral foam.
This holds the cake firmly in place.
add bottom box to fit snugly over the top of the floral foam on cake base
Place some double-stick tape or sticky dots on bottom of top box and press the small box firmly onto the bottom box.
glue top box onto bottom box of candy cake
Here’s the fun part! 
Decide which candy you want to start with and line it up to be sure it fits the area you’d like to cover.
Add double-stick tape or dots to the back of the candy wrapper and press into place. MORE is better- err on the side of too much tape.
use double stick tape to back of candy bars and begin covering bottom of base box all the way around.
I worked one layer at a time, all the way around the box before moving up to the next level.
candy cake construction
When the sides are finished, either run some Washi tape or ribbon around the cake. The tape/ribbon helps to hold the candy in place and adds a fun color contrast.
Washi tape or ribbon holds the candy in place a little more securely and adds a pop of color
I originally planned to use the Washi tape, but decided I preferred the ribbon ultimately. 
Washi tape is easily removed- no harm, no foul.
Lollipop topper inserted into top of candy cake box.
Before adding candy to the top of the cake, poke a small hole in the top of the box for the lollipops. Insert lollipops & wrap lollipop sticks with washi tape or ribbon.
Top of candy cake with ribbon around it
Finish adding chocolate.
Top of candy cake
Finish top of cake. I made simple ribbon bows for the front.
DIY Candy Cake
Candy Cake
Candy Cake ready for eating!
No-bake Birthday Candy Cake
My baby girl. ♥
Birthday Candy Cake
No-bake, DIY Candy Cake 
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®


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That's super cute! What a clever idea! 🙂