Making Rachel’s Autograph


Rachel's autograph session
If you have been following my blog or Facebook page, you are likely aware of the ongoing legal battle I am waging against my town to keep my backyard chickens. If you’re not up to speed, but are interested in the details, I have discussed them in this article. In order to fund the defense of this legal persecution by my town, I invited my readers to support the cause and help defray the costs of litigation by donating to Operation Home to Roost (see below).

I wanted the thank you notes I sent to donors to be special and thought it would be fun if my frizzled diva, Rachel, “autographed” the thank you notes herself. I have made footprints aka: autographs of Rachel’s in the past with paint, but that was a messy procedure and impractical to reproduce on a large scale.

Rachel’s autograph on Chickens Magazine, which contained two articles I wrote for this edition. It was given away as a prize.
Chickens from the editors of Hobby Farms MagazineRealizing the impracticality of Rachel signing each thank you note personally, I thought a custom rubber stamp would fit the need perfectly and it did!

Pet paw print rubber stamp-making. Making Rachel's Autograph
My 9 year old took a little YouTube video while we obtained Rachel’s paw print. Easy peasy!
Rachel's autograph
This is the actual stamp

The one, major flaw in my master plan was that PayPal donors were not required to input their addresses as a part of the donation process. This means, I do not have your address if you already donated via PayPal. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS if you have already donated to Operation Home to Roost! Rachel has an autographed thank-you note waiting for you! Please send it with the subject line “Rachel” to me at:
Address to donate through PayPal is Kathy@The-Chicken-Chick.comKathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick®[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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Sarah P
Sarah P
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Thanks Kathy!

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