Flock Focus Friday, 7/25/14

Chicken coop weather vane.

It was critter week here at Blazing Trails Farm in Connecticut. Some of the critters were expected, others were pleasant surprises and one was decidedly shocking. The weather was lovely, allowing for plenty of time to get out there and take in the beauty of it all!

Light Brahma
White Orpington (Marilyn Monroe) hen
Eggs and nasturtium
5 year old White Silkie hen with surrogate Serama chick.
Hosta flowers
Eastern Black Rat Snake stopped in for lunch.
Eastern Black Rat snake- taking his lunch to-go!

I'm here for the coffee- hold the small talk.
Never underestimate the importance of being properly caffeinated.
Fluffy butt photo bomb: Nailed It.
Keep Calm & Coffee up!
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Rachel Divider

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8 years ago

Could REALLY use one of these for AZ summer.

8 years ago

Holy moley I hope I never see a snake like that in my chicken house!

Lorri E
Lorri E
8 years ago

Love your pictures, the snake, not so much 🙁 I think I would die if I reached into a nest box and found one of these. It is huge.

richard randazzo
richard randazzo
8 years ago

my ladies could use this