It was a very busy week, which began by our acquisition of the additional acreage necessary to garner farm status, securing our right to keep not only hens, but our roosters. I’d say that’s something to crow about.

I continue working with the town and another attorney in preparing to present a regulation change to the town Zoning Commission to codify and legalize residential chicken-keeping for all residents of our town. We are, after all, a farm town- always have been, always will be.

Sunday and Monday were stressful as I found a visible infection underneath Blaze’s wattle. It is unclear whether the lesion caused his illness three weeks ago or was a result of that illness. In any event, we changed veterinarians this time and are satisfied with his current treatment plan.

We experienced near record high temperatures all week with horrendously high humidity. All of the heat-beating tricks were pulled out of the hat to keep the birds comfortable.

The heat didn’t seem to deter the ladies from contributing to the egg basket, although one could reasonably expect a significant drop in production in such high temperatures.Olive Egger hen, keeping cool inside the shaded run.Rachel (Bantam Cochin Frizzle) missed her buddy, Blaze as I kept him indoors to recuperate.

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