Serama rooster & hen

This week would have been perfect but for the stomach flu that leveled me for a good 48 hours. I did manage to sneak outside during a delusional spell to snap a few pics only to regret that decision very quickly. I recovered in time to enjoy the remainder of the week though and it was spectacular! Please enjoy the photos of my peeps and thanks for visiting!

Columbian Wyandotte hen
Lola (Columbian Wyandotte)
Black Copper Marans, Dark Cornish & White Orpington hens
Blaze (Black Copper Marans) with Thelma (Dark Cornish hen) and Marilyn Monroe (White Orpington)
Serama hen
Portia (Serama hen)
Serama pair
Caesar & Portia (Seramas) 
Blaze, Black Copper Marans
Blaze (Black Copper Marans rooster)
Marans hen
ellen deHeneres (Marans hen, half Black Copper, half Wheaten)
Assorted Heritage breed chicks

My P. Allen Smith babies are GINORMOUS. They’re feathering out like crazy and revealing their genders. From what I can tell, there is a male Silver Laced Wyandotte, a female Black White Faced Spanish, a female Barred Plymouth Rock and a pair of Silver Grey Dorkings! Not shown are a Buff Orpington female, and a Light Sussex male with an attitude as big as any I have ever seen in a chick!

Olive Egger hen & Black Copper Marans rooster
The Ends. ☺

All the coffee in Columbia won't make me a morning person.
Purscilla visits P. Allen Smith's Wyandottes in Arkansas.
A good night's rest can make you feel energized, motivated and ready to take on the world. Oh...sorry. That's coffee. Coffee does that.
Monday again? Nobody make eye contact and maybe it will just go away.
Rabbit, rabbit.
Don't ask. Just pour the coffee.
Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Rachel Divider