Flock Focus Friday, 6/26/15

With the exception of one day with tornado warnings this week, the weather has been warm and lovely. My baby chicks are getting big and changing by the minute! Please enjoy a few photos from my backyard this past week and have a wonderful weekend in yours!

One of my newest peeps, a Mille fleur d’Uccle chick.
The Littlest Chicken Chick bringing ice to the peeps to help them beat the summer heat.♥
Caesar, sassy little Serama rooster.  
Chevy, my Light Sussex rooster.
Coffee Ready Yet
I dont like morning people
Rachel Divider


  1. Hi.. I just discovered your blog and have been addicted for 2 days now. So happy someone else is just as animal nuts as me. My Texas chicks say “Howdy” and “Thanks” for the links to cool chicken stuff

  2. I ended up with the cutest Silkies! One rooster who is as gentle as can be, 4 hens that are so sweet and never fight when picked up. Now if they will just go up and down the ramp in the coop I will be a happy Mom!