Flock Focus Friday, 6/21/13

Lola (Columbian Wyandotte) & a Black Copper Marans hen, dust bathing in the mulch. My Black Copper Marans hens lay the dark brown eggs in the photo below. My Olive Eggers lay the green eggs, the Ameraucanas lay the blue eggs.

Blaze, my Black Copper Marans rooster, earlier this week. He is under-the-weather currently. 🙁
Most of the hens are working hard, producing an average of 18 eggs a day.
Several hens are  broody and must be broken up in order to get them back to egg-laying.
Two Olive Egger pullets and a Black Copper Marans cockerel, using my planter for a daytime roost.
One of my Olive Egger pullets with an attitude? ☺
Brutus (Mille Fleur Serama cockerel)  and Ariel (Black Copper Marans hen)
Aurora (Leghorn pullet)
Ariel (Black Copper Marans hen) and Simone (Olive Egger hen)
View from the bench.
Blaze, earlier this week.
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Phillis Bouldin
Phillis Bouldin
7 years ago

Need some comments on what folks are doing with all those eggs, I am so overwhelmed, now receiving 16 most days. I have frozen some in the shell, mixed and froze some in muffin pans. I have read all the suggestions on the web and some say a certain method works and others say it don't. I live so far out, people won't drive out here even if they were being given away free. Getting so desperate I am gonna make egg noodles and freeze them. lol

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