ellen deHeneres, a Marans hen with her adopted chicks

The chicks I hatched from P. Allen Smith‘s flock are getting big- almost too big for their adopted mom to accommodate underneath her, but they are blissfully unaware of it and she remains very patient with them. She and her little ones feature prominently in this week’s Flock Focus Friday- they’re just too photogenic to resist!

Marans hen and chicks
Roosting practice began in earnest this week! I don’t know what the little Dorking on the left did, but ellen deHeneres is giving her the Mommy Stink Eye if I’ve ever seen it.
Marans hen with adopted chick.
Silver Spangled Hamburg chick

Despite being less than half their size, this Silver Spangled Hamburg chick holds her own with the two slightly older P. Allen Smith grandchicks that ellen deHeneres rejected. All three of them were moved from my office to the big coop this week!

P. Allen Smith's grandchicks with a Silver Spangled Hamburg chick
Olive Egger hen
Fluffy butts
Meeting at the community watering hole.
Chicken coop flower box.
Speckled Sussex hen.
Black Copper Marans rooster.

Maya Angelou: "...people will never forget how you made them feel."
I showed up for Wednesday, I didn't say I'd participate.
Some days I don't know whether I'm coming or going.
"Good morning?" Just pass the coffee and I'll pretend this conversation never happened.
Coffee ready yet?
got coffee?
Which way to the picnic?
I am SO ready for the weekend.
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
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