As you can tell, it has been snowy and cold since the last Flock Focus Friday. The chickens and I have had enough! The weather-dude tells us that it’s going to warm up into the 40s this week, so you know what that means…let the flood gates open! <ugh> I’ve got a plan to make a floating bridge out of pallets, so at least the chickens have the opportunity to stay dry even if they don’t avail themselves of the life-raft.  Please enjoy the photos from the week- the color theme is black and white-like it or not, that’s what Mother Nature was serving up!

Partridge Cochin hen- looking for the highway south. 
The breed of this hen remains a mystery- she’s definitely a mix of Black Copper Marans, but I’m not sure who the other parent was.
Marilyn Monroe- my White Orpington hen. She’s an adventurous one!
Doc Brown (White crested Black Polish hen with Margarita, White Faced Black Spanish pullet) 
My new puppy, Milo, met Rachel for the first time recently. Milo wanted to play. Rachel…not so much.
Milo, perfecting the puppy dog face.
Rachel Divider