Flock Focus Friday, 12/20/13

Flock Focus Friday, 12/20/13

We enjoyed several days of beautiful snowfalls this week and while the chickens have adjusted to the idea of the white stuff, it’ll be gone soon with 60°F temperatures predicted for this weekend.

Sparky above & his dad, Blaze, below (both Black Copper Marans roosters) keep a respectful distance from one another. There is no question that Blaze remains the Alpha roo and king of the flock.

This was the first of two snowfalls this week. I shoveled the walkway and the flock spent the day walking back and forth between the two coops.

(above, left to right) Doc Brown (Polish Crested hen) Rachel (Bantam Cochin Frizzle) and Kate (Speckled Sussex) reenacting the scene from The Beatles Abbey Road  Below, Ally McBeak (Tolbunt Polish Frizzle pullet)

The second storm this week left 5-6 inches of fluffy stuff.
I brought Rachel up to the house for a little photo op for my 8 year old daughter who is honing her third grade photography skills.
Sparky. Purdy.
View from the house.

Despite a half a foot of snow on the ground, my flock enjoys dust bathing inside the runs. I can’t recommend sand in a covered run any more highly.

Caesar (Serama cockerel) and adoptive mom, Windy (Blue Splash Marans)
Thanks for joining me and have a great week!
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