Flock Focus Friday, 11/7/14

There was a distinct shift in seasons this week from late summer to holy-cow-winter-is-coming. There was also some movement in the right direction on the chicken lawsuit front. The case was brought before the trial judge who swiftly denied the town’s motion for judgment against us. This is just the first step in the dance being held in the halls of justice. I am deeply grateful for the continued moral, emotional, spiritual and monetary support of my readers/fans/peeps. Without you, I would not have been free to litigate this case to this point or had the opportunity to put the town’s misbehavior on display for all to see locally, nationally and internationally.

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The three Serama chicks are feathering out nicely, but the parentage of two of them is becoming questionable. I’m beginning to think one of them may have had Caesar as the dad, but one of my Dark Cornish hens as the mom since the eggs of the Serama and Cornish hens are similar in size and color. Time will tell!

An extra hour of sleep not on my watch
Hey my eyes are up here
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
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2022 years ago

Janet , we haven’t exchanged comments in a while. Do you currently have chickens? Thinking about ordering some baby chicks and be ready for the summer laying…

me n billy
me n billy
2022 years ago

Wow , The town of Suffield has changed considerably since I was there. It used to be a farm town with the upper crust in the center by the “academy”. I am surprised to hear (just today read about it here) they are so very changed in their opinion of livestock. Does the High School still have a Vo-Ag program??

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