Flock Focus Friday, 11/29/13

Flock Focus Friday, 11/29/13

This week’s backyard highlights included bitter cold, high winds, driving rain, an aerial surprise and a tragic accident resulting in the loss of a flock member. We also gained a new flock member last night as this little one hatched after Thanksgiving dinner.

(L to Rt)  Spartacus (Serama x Red Sex Link cockerel)-Caesar (Serama cockerel) and Afrodite (White Crested, Black Polish bantam frizzle)

We lost Afrodite in a freak accident on Wednesday and while she wasn’t with us very long, she certainly left a lasting impression upon our hearts. Her presence is already missed. RIP girl.

Sparky (Black Copper Marans cockerel) 

Rachel (bantam Cochin Frizzle) spent most of the week in the Broody Breaker. She snapped out of it just in time for Thanksgiving and is happy to be back free-ranging with the rest of the flockers.

Doc Brown (White Crested Black Polish hen)

We received a visit from this bald eagle yesterday afternoon, which was a rare, if not frightening, sighting in our neck of the woods. He didn’t stick around long, thankfully. Blaze and Sparky alerted all of us to his presence with their unmistakable warning sounds. Everyone rushed immediately to the safety of the coops and runs.

Caesar (Serama Cockerel) is beginning to feather out beautifully. 
Thanks for joining me and have a great weekend!
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